Monday, May 20, 2013

Ipsy May 2013 Review

My Ipsy™ bag arrived today!
(sorry in advance for the dreadful photo quality)

This months theme was Spring Fling.

(cute bag, eh?)

Let's move onto the products!

Concealer Refill [Buff] by Yaby (value, $4.95)
(it is a bit darker than this in person).
It blends almost perfectly with my skin tone! Love it! (Yes, I've already used it, lol)

Gie Gie Nail Polish by Zoya (value, $8)

This stuff is SUPER sheer! It took me 3 coats just to make in semi-opaqe. It's good quality though and would make a great french mani!

Mini Clear Brow Gel by Anastasia (Value, $7)

I'm not really familiar with brow products. The website said that it sets, defines, and shapes your brows. I'll definitely give it a try!

Colour Sheers Lipstick (daydream) by Mirabella (value, $22)

I use this quite often.
It has a pleasant scent and glides on quite nicely.

Tahitian Gardenia Roll-on Perfume by Pacifica (value, $12)

I didn't take a picture of this as I gave it to my mom as soon as I got a wiff of it. I despise Gardenia scents! It did come in a cute container. Maybe the Island Vanilla smells better? (I love vanilla...)

This was my first Ipsy™ bag and I really liked it! I will most definitely use all the products apart from the perfume. The total estimated value of my bag this month was $50.85 which is AWESOME considering it's only $10/ month to get Ipsy™! As of now, I will keep my subscription.

Get your Ipsy™ bag here! You will get your money's worth.

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