First Miscarriage

(Disclaimer: I was young when this loss occurred, and didn't document it very well. I've wrote it out to the best of my memory. I also didn't make it to the OB, so I have no numbers or anything like that).

Sergio and I started TTC in early October of 2009. I had my regular period around the 8th. The next month, after my period was a few days late, I tested and got a positive. We were shocked that it happened so quickly! I shared my excitement at every opportunity.

Even before the test was positive, I remember how tired I was! My boobs hurt and I was sick. My mornings were spent hugging the the porcelain throne and my afternoons were spent snoozing. Mood swings followed shortly. Bad mood swings. Poor Sergio but he handled it well and shared my excitement.

Everything was going great until the 22nd of November when I started spotting very light pink. I started crying hysterically but Sergio didn't seem too concerned. He said to take it easy that it was probably normal but I knew something was wrong. The next day after he went to work, I started to bleed heavily and cramp. The worst of the pain only lasted about one day and subsided after I passed the baby. 

Afterwards, the bleeding and cramping felt like a normal period, except my belly felt unnaturally 'empty'.

The days following the loss were hard for me. I was an emotional wreck. I had lost my first child. I thank God Sergio was there. He was such a great supporter and comforter. (Thank you Sergio. I will always look back and remember how you helped me through my grief)