Amethyst's Birth

On Wednesday, January 22nd I had a membrane sweep. My doctor (have I mentioned how much I just ADORE him?) didn't think it would work (he said it was a coincidence that it worked last time). I had some minor cramping for the remainder of the day but nothing else. 

The next day (January 23rd), I had a small amount of bloody show and just a few sporadic contractions.


Son__I_am_Disappoint_by_SonIAmDisappointPLZ.jpg (480×600)

That night I tried nipple stimulation, which caused contractions but I gave that up quick. It was too tedious and time-consuming. 

Around 4AM the next morning (January 24th), I decided to try one more thing to help things along: S-E-X! After we DTD, I feel back asleep and woke up later to LOTS of bloody show and my mucous plug. Ew. 

I started having contractions when I woke up. They weren't strong but they were regular. Sergio got home at around 4PM and we decided to head to my brother's house as he lives close to the hospital. We got there around 7PM and went to the hospital at 8PM. 

Once I was hooked up to the monitors, the nurse checked me: 1 1/2CM and 50% effaced. 

(Wait, WHAT? I was 2CM at my doctors appointment!!!!!)

They also found that I was dehydrated and assumed that was causing my contractions. So they gave me a bag of fluids through IV and said they expected it to make the contractions stop but they'd check me in an hour to see if I had progressed...

04 - 1 hour.jpg (325×240)

...and I did. To 3CM. They were surprised and I was officially admitted, lol.

The next 2 - 3 hours were EASY. The contractions were getting stronger, but nothing I couldn't manage with breathing. 

When I got to around 6CM, I stayed in the shower with warm water unless I was being monitored (they monitored for 15mins every hour).

Things were going just dandy until I hit 8CM (aka TRANSITION aka NOPE I'M DONE TAKE ME HOME NAO PLS). I told Traci (my brother's GF) to take Sahara out of the room because it was about to get bad.. Then (in between screams, lol), I told Sergio to take me home. 

Sometime later, I requested to have my waters broken because I knew she'd come as soon as they were ruptured. It felt like it took FOREVER for the doctor to get in there (dear Dr. W - WHERE WERE YOU!???? *sad face*) but sure enough once she broke them, I was involuntarily pushing xD 

It only took two contractions to get her out, lol. She was born at 1:49AM on the 25th and weighed 7lbs 4.3oz and was 20inches long. I had one small tear that required on stitch.

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