My Ectopic Pregnancy

We started TTCing again immediately after our first loss. In early October of 2010, almost a year after our first loss, I took an HPT and it turned up positive! I went to my OB the next day and my pregnancy was confirmed! I was ecstatic!

Shortly after my appointment on that same day, I started bleeding and cramping. I tried not to panic and called my OB. They scheduled me an appointment for two days later so they could re-check my levels.

At the following appointment, my pregnancy was confirmed but my levels had only risen from 18 to 25. I was told that is was my period. Apparently sometimes your menstrual cycle can cause your hCG levels to be slightly elevated? I had never heard of this. She scheduled me an ultrasound about a week later 'just to be sure' it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy. By this time the bleeding varied between light pink and light brown.

On October 18th, I went for my sonogram. The tech told me my uterine lining was thick but that she couldn't see a baby. I was devastated. I had a follow up with my OB the next day and had more blood work done. My levels were still rising and were now at 120. She told me that it was either a piece of retained placenta or an ectopic pregnancy. She urged me to take a shot of methotrexate but I just couldn't accept this news and asked her to give me until Friday to think about it (because I had quit bleeding). This was a bad idea.

A few days later while in the car, my fiance drove over a speed bump. The next thing I know I feel an awful pain in my stomach. It didn't bother me at first but later that evening I was writhing in pain. I was cramping horribly and fully expected to start bleeding heavily but I never did. The next day I felt dizzy and was still cramping. It also hurt to cough and my right shoulder was hurting. I thought it was odd but didn't really think anything of it.

The next day I finally went to the ER. The on call doctor gave me an ultrasound and confirmed that it was indeed an ectopic pregnancy. My left fallopian tube had also ruptured. There was also a lot of blood in my abdomen and a large clot surrounding the place were my tube had ruptured. I was rushed into emergency surgery and unfortunately lost my left tube. When I look back on this experience, I remember so clearly how sympathetic the doctor who gave me the ultrasound was. There was also another doctor who consoled me but I can't remember either of their names...

When I went back to the OB, she told me I needed to be on birth control for at least 6 months. It was tough but I agreed....