Thursday, May 16, 2013

Failure To Connect

I had intended to post more pictures this week but unfortunately for me (us), my phone signal (I use WiFi from my iPhone to connect to the web) is sh*t here. I guess that's to be expected being in the boonies and all but it still really blows. We'll have to make due with Google'd images until we get some better internetz' up in this place.

Anyone up for a nail polish post?

I came accross so Wet N Wild polish from their chrome line at our local K-Mart. It was on sale (our K-Mart ALWAYS has an amazing collection of makeup/beauty products on sale) for $1.99 (regular price $3.99) so I grabbed a bottle. Since my WiFi is not responsive out here, I've borrowed (okay, copy and pasted) pictures from the blog Nailed It:
  Grew Up In Colbalt-imore

Beautiful, right? I'm super in-love with it.

Other shades in the Chrome line are:
Steel the spotlight

A Show At The Palladium

Penny For Your Thoughts

Precious Petals

Hog-Quartz School


I Got a New Com-puter

(original blog post from Nailed It can be read by clicking here.

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