Friday, May 10, 2013

We found a place!

This was actually the first trailer we looked at in our search. The inside is very well kept (though tiny) but is a good size for our family. 

There is quite a bit of land and the view is just amazing. 
That's the back yard. 

We have even more land in front, plus a spectacular view of the hills! It's kind of in the boonies (which I love!), but not so far out that you can't get phone service and internet/satellite/cable.This place is just awesome and the people who own this place seem quite nice! I will post more pictures tomorrow.

It's also near the airport, so we will occasionally see a charter plane fly in or out. Which reminds me, while we were there signing the the, TWO huge military planes flew in.

All of my what?

Our airport is teeny tiny. It was super odd to see such large planes here.

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