Monday, March 3, 2014

S Family News

I guess I'll start with the BIG thing first:

We are more than likely moving back to San Antonio. It's about a 97% chance we are, as long as everything goes according to plan... well at least semi-according to plan (financially speaking).

I'm so freaking HAPPY about this.

In minor news, my lowest grade in school is 80.

Amethyst is getting BIG, and just today started cooing and smiled! 
We're in the process of switching doctors, so no current weight or anything. Her current doctor is dreadful. Amethyst had an eye infection (pink eye) the day before her 1st appointment, and I put breastmilk in it (cured it within the day..). I told her pedi and he flipped OUT. He was also rough and not very friendly.

No thanks, NEXT!

What else..

Leo didn't get his Oscar :(

Leo is like fine wine, he just gets better with age ;D

Donnie Yen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are still my number 1s though <3

Donnie Yen

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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