Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Double Digits

Whew, I've put off writing a post for entirelty TOO long!

I meant to update after Sahara's appointment but never got around to it...

Bad mommy blogger! >:-(

Anywho, Sahara was found to have MRSA and was on both oral and topical antibiotics. She seems to be doing better now though the place on her romp is still noticeable (though not red, inflamed, or hot to the touch anymore). 

Next appointment for her is on the 17th.

As for the pregnancy, we are still moving right along and have less than 99 days until she's here! She is quite the active baby, especially early in the mornings (like around 5). We are eagerly anticipating her arrival!

As of 11-03-11

Last week, we went to a consignment shop and bought most of the big ticket items we needed for UNDER $150! 

- A double stroller
- A bouncy seat
- A booster carseat (for Sahara)
- A changing pad (will be used for co-sleeping)
- A boppy
- Some items for Sahara

Everything was in superb condition.
Now all we need are clothes, a swing, diapers, a breastpump, and bottles.

We're getting closer! ❤️😱

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