Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kitty Birth Announcement!

didn't even realize she was pregnant until about 2 weeks ago :S

*my mom let her escape a few months ago and she disappeared for three days*

Here's how it went down.

On Saturday (the 7th), I was cleaning out my daughter's dresser and found Abby (that's my kitty's name) in the bottom drawer.

Covered in fluid.

I panicked. I hadn't felt her babies move yet so I didn't think she could be in labour. Honestly I still wasn't entirely convinced she was pregnant either.

I googled. 

I texted my husband and he said she was in labour.

So we waited.

Around 5PM she started wailing and delivered a stillborn calico. I'm almost 100% sure it passed because her waters around the kitten ruptured too soon. The kitten was born without any type of sac (not good) and I had to help Abby get it out. 

Around 8PM (we were gone; had to take back a RedBox movie), she gave birth to a VERY premature stillborn kitten. It didn't even have hair yet.

By this point, I figure things weren't looking good for this litter.

We all went to bed around 11 that night (Abby wasn't showing any signs of having another).

I checked on her the following morning (Dec 8th) and SURPRISE! She had one more LIVE kitten. 

A tiny little calico.
So adorable!❤️❤️❤️

So far, Abby is a good mom but she's REALLY clingy to me and meows all the time. It's kind of annoying but she's a new mommy cat who is unsure of herself and seeking comfort/guidance (so says google).

Baby kitty is doing well and is strong.

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