Monday, September 2, 2013

K-Mart is an enabler!

I know, I know.
I said I wasn't going to use this blog to post about makeup and such anymore..

But this isn't a review, so it doesn't count..right?


Check out was I scored at K-Mart today for a total of $7.42 (+ tax):

- L'Oréal TheOneSweep sculpting blush duo in "Poppy". 

Sale Price - $3.24
Retail Price - $12.99 (!!!!!)

Maybelline COLORSENSATIONAL in #937 "Hot Tamale" 

(I didn't bite the end off of this, I promise! Someone twisted the lipstick up and put the cap on without twisting it back down. BOO whoever you are for doing that!)

Sale Price - 70¢
Retail Price - $6.99

CoverGirl natureluxe gloss balm (with SPF 15) in colors #265 "Sandstone" and #230 "Coral"

Sale Price - $1.74 
Retail Price - $6.99

I saved roughly $26.54
Right on, K-Mart.

(I should add this happens every time I go into a K-Mart. They always have some sort of makeup and apparel sales going!)

Anyways, I can't wait to review these!

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