Friday, September 6, 2013

Early U/S pictures and info.

Upon reading my blog stats, I noticed that a common search phrase that landed people here was "TVU at 5 weeks" (TVU = transvaginal ultrasound).

I've decided to post the ultrasounds from both my current pregnancy and my pregnancy with my daughter, as well as info with what you can expect to see with each ultrasound.

4 - 5weeks:

4 weeks 6 days with my daughter:

4 weeks 6 days with my current pregnancy:

At this stage, all you'll be seeing is a gestational sac. No fetal pole or yolk sac. And definable no heartbeat.

6 weeks:

6 weeks 1 day with my daughter:

5 weeks 6 days with my current pregnancy:

At this point, you'll be able to see that gestational sac (the black area), yolk sac (the little white circle "ring"), and perhaps a fetal pole (seen in the first picture as the white ball to left of the yolk sac). You MAY be able to hear/see the heartbeat if you're closer to 7 weeks, but don't count on it.

It's important to note here that at this stage, it's completely normal NOT to have a fetal pole (note the second photo does not have one) or heartbeat. Most women won't hear the heartbeat until around 8 weeks (maybe 7). We didn't see or hear the heartbeat at either of these scans.

8 weeks:

8 weeks 2 days with my daughter:

8 weeks 5 days with my current pregnancy:

Amazing growth in just two weeks, right? By this point, baby has gone from a spec to what I refer to as a "gummy bear". You can clearly distinguish the head and body. At this point you should definitely have a heartbeat. I forgot what my daughters was (bad mommy!) but with my current babe it was 177bpm.

Ladies, please don't freak if you go for a scan and the measurements are off. That is totally normal. Even if you're 1,000,000% sure of the day you ovulated, it's impossible to know when the blastocyst (baby) implanted.

Here are some examples as to why you shouldn't fret if your U/S measures differently than what you were expecting:

Let's say your LMP (last menstrual period) was 03/10/2013. This gives you an EDD (expected due date) of 12/15/2013. 

Let's also assume you were tracking ovulation and ovulated on CD14 (cycle day) EXACTLY. You go to the doctor for a 7 week ultrasound but instead you're measuring closer to 6 weeks. 

What gives?

You must've implanted later than you thought!

It can take 6 - 12 days after ovulation for the egg to implant. 

If you ovulate late (say CD 18 or 19), it can change your due date and measurements drastically! If your LMP was 03/10/2013, but you weren't tracking ovulation, you would likely assume that your due date is 12/15/2013. You go to the doctor and you're measuring behind! Worry/stress for nothing! 

This is why most OBs won't due ultrasounds until 8, 9, or even 10 weeks especially if you're not high risk!

Also keep in mind that just like babies, fetuses/embryos will develop at their own pace. 

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section!

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